The Company


Just Aero Works, Inc. is a California-based corporation providing full Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) support.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Operational Pilot Support
  • Aircraft Systems Development
  • Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Training
  • Takeoff and Landing Training
  • Software and Hardware Testing
  • Site Survey
  • UAS's in National Airspace
  • Aircraft Flight Test
  • Checklist Development
  • Flight Procedures Manual Development
  • Curriculum (POI) Development

How Just Aero Works is Different:

  • Provides a service that is unique in scope, using the foremost experts in the field.
  • All instructors have real world operational experience.
  • Knows careful planning and safety assures mission success.
  • Leads the way as a pioneer in the growth of the unmanned aircraft industry, by providing pilots and instructors of the highest caliber.
  • U.S. Army Instructor Training Course (ITC) qualified instructor on staff.


  • Just Aero Works has operational experience worldwide and is capable of providing support and instruction at any site. All our instructors have multiple deployments in support of OIF, OEF, or a combination.

Key Statistics:

  • All instructors have at least 2,500 hours flying unmanned aircraft.
  • Our team has experience flying 17 different types of unmanned aircraft.
  • We have operational experience in all types of airspace, including Class A, D, G and E airspace; as well as Restricted Areas, Warning Areas and Military Operating Areas.